About Us

Emmanuel Evangelistic Ministries Int’l is a multifaceted, non-profit making, Evangelical, and Pentecostal Christian Ministry committed to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ with the demonstration of His miracle-working power in a needy and compromised world.


Our Vision

To make disciples of all nations through the preaching of the uncompromised gospel of Jesus Christ who will qualify to make other Disciples.

Our Mission

EEMI exists to win souls into the kingdom of God, to disciple them into maturity through the word of God and prepare them to go out and witness.

EEMI is a ministry born from the heart of God, for the salvation and deliverance of mankind from the hands and influence of the kingdom of Satan in accordance with His word.

It is a preparatory arena of the bride of Christ for His second coming.As a ministry, We have a burden for the lost; we go for them with the message of God’s love. We have a burden for the found; we disciple them and train them to go for the lost. We have forums where the found are fed and sensitized on the need and urgency to go and fish the lost. Paul said to his son Timothy, “The things you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2) .This is what we live for. Teaching and teaching to teach. Making disciples and transforming them into disciple makers. So that the reached may reach the unreached, the found to find the lost, the taught to teach the untaught, the discipled to disciple the un-discipled and the trend goes on.

EEMI was born in response to the burden laid in the heart of God’s servant Anthony Wambua in the year 2006 when he was a high school student, where it remained in his heart for several more years before manifesting. God laid a burden in his heart for the lost and the found alike.  He saw the empty cross; the symbol of the finished work of Christ and God lead Him not only to direct sinners there but also to help unveil it’s mysterious power to the church.

The long-term Evangelistic goal is to evangelize the whole world and bring many sons to God. This will be achieved through intensive spiritual warfare and prophetic intercession to unlock villages, cities, and nations, followed by radical evangelism and planting of churches and fellowships to facilitate discipleship and the ministry of the word in the apostolic pattern. The ministry appreciates and involves the fivefold ministries; the Apostolic, Prophetic, Evangelistic, Pastoral and Teaching ministries as recorded in Ephesians 4:11for the equipping of saints for work of ministry. In line with this vision, the ministry plans to run a training center which will be a credible Bible school /school of ministry to prepare ministers to take the world.

The scope of the vision is unlimited and the ministry is laying a foundation and putting in place strategies for world impact through World Evangelism and preparation of the church for the second coming of Jesus Christ.

EEMI exists to preach the gospel of the resurrected Jesus Christ. We preach the love of God in a wounded world; we go to the lost with the message of the finished work of the cross. We also emphasize on the need of the church to go out and win the lost into the kingdom.

The local church is and continues to be established into a vibrant ,charismatic, Christ- centered family focused Church Fellowship.

The aim of the establishment of the local church is to provide a home for believers to fellowship, grow in Faith through the Hearing of the word, Be discipled into maturity, and established as influential leaders.

It is also a platform where relevant networks of believers are established..

The church and by extension fellowships provide an avenue for growth in communal worship , and a fulfilment of the Apostolic pattern of ministry …The evangelistic products are discipled and fed thus bearing fruits and fruits that will abide ( John 15:16)
We therefore fish and feed the catch through the local church and fellowships led by a pastoral Team..
The vision is to establish as many local congregations as possible within Kenya , Africa and the world….

Contact our numbers to be directed to the nearest congregation to your city, estate or home.

Our Mandate

To win souls into the kingdom of God.

To prepare soul winners to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ with a demonstration of signs and wonders.

To make disciples through the teaching of the word of God.

To raise intercessors and a prayerful church

EEMI was laid in the heart of Anthony Wambua while still a teenager in high school back in the year 2006. Although the outward manifestation and impact of the ministry has slowly unfolded over many years, the Lord in His eternity had already released the ministry in the invisible realm. True to the words the Lord said to Prophet Jeremiah, God had ordained Anthony before he was formed in his mother’s womb. Since childhood he has found himself attracted to the altar. Many times as a kid he loved acting like a preacher and imitating pastors. He gave his life to Jesus at age 13, and began to preach in his primary school and got involved in church activities.

Born and brought up in a remote African cultural setup characterized by poverty, witchcraft, idolatry, ignorance, religious strongholds and many other shortcomings, only the gospel and the word of God could transform his mind to conform to the standards of Jesus Christ and to the level of faith that can handle the challenge of ministry. Through the transformative word of the Lord, Anthony has penetrated barriers and scaled over walls to prove wrong the status quo demanded by his environment. He always appreciates the team of dedicated men and women who are members and partners of the ministry.

Despite real struggle in his acquisition of  fundamental education which saw him drop out of school severally, the grace of God enabled him to go through primary and secondary public schools after which he attended MOI University in Eldoret now the University of Eldoret in Kenya between the year 2009 and 2013 and studied a Bachelor of Science degree in Analytical Chemistry with Computing. While in campus, he served in different capacities in the Christian Union before committing himself fully to the activities and programs of EEMI in the last years of his studies. Looking at his background, Anthony is always quick to say that only the grace of God could keep and bring him to such a height.

A distinguished radical and Pentecostal preacher, he has initiated many campaigns that have led to the winning of many souls to Jesus which is the core mandate of his calling.

A Raising a generation whose hearts are after God’s own. Hating sin and desiring to show God in his fullness. Given to separated lifestyles for without Holiness none will see God. Heb 12:14.

A generation of authentic priests. With impeccable and consistent character. Both at church and in the market place.For doing what is just and right is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice. Prov 21:3

To do all that we do to the best of our God given abilities.Working always as working for the Lord.Giving our all and our best as we show forth the excellencies of He who called us from darkness into light. Col 3:23.


A generation of honour that esteems the value of fatherhood and instructions from those the Lord has ordained as shepherds of His Flock. Jer 3:15.

5. LOVE.

A people given to the supreme way. Loving after the Father’s pattern of love. Seeing the best of everyone, believing the best report and always giving for others as we advance the God culture of Love.
1st Cor 13:13


A generation of Kingdom soldiers that are royal to the calling. Walking in the grace of God in us to remain true to the calling regardless of what challenges come our way. Always concious that the reward is set for the good and faithful servant.
Matt 25:23.


Sons and daughters of the Most High who know that without Him we are nothing. That all we are, our moving and our being is purely in Him. That there is nothing of our own to brag about.Never thinking of ourselves more highly than we ought. That we are branches completely dependent on the vine and submitted to Him and His principles. John 15:5


A people that recognise prayer as a doorway for allowing heaven to move in the affairs of men. Given to the place of intercession. Believing like Abraham and praying like Elijah to see it manifest.
Luke 18:1


Our Core anchor value.Standing,Speaking and Telling it. Obedient to the master. Consistently making disciples of nations wherever we are. On pulpits, markets, offices. A responsibility of everyone of us to the glory and Honour of our Master the Lord Jesus Christ. Matt 28:19.

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