The Great Commercial Vs The Great commission-The Thriving of False Prophets!

It seems like those who are out to make money are more zealous, diligent, hardworking and aggressive than those who are out to win souls.

The wave of false Prophets and fake prophesies has resulted to a lot of ridicule and branding of the entire body of Christ as an enterprise, and, truth be told the Christian fraternity is responsible. The devil has not become stronger or smarter, he is still the same wounded devil, defeated, dethroned, ashamed, and beyond recovery.

The book of Flesh and Ignorance chapter 28:19 Says ” Go ye and make millions, use gimmicks and extract as much as you can from them, baptizing them in lies, sycophancy, and ignorance for I am with you till we rot together in Hell”

This is why I’m Calling it the great commercial. Someone is out to make money.

How false prophets thrive:

1. Ignorance. -” My people perish for lack of knowledge “, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.
Ignorance is a fertile ground for deception. When a man of God has no regard for the word of God and all they do is to tell you about your past and your future please escape. The teaching of the word enlightens. “..the entrance of the word bringeth light”

The reason why you are not taught the word is to keep you in slavery. They will lie to you that you will never be totally free. ” whoever the Son sets free is free indeed”. The day you know the truth they run out of business. They’ll lie to you that they are the only ones who can talk to God on your behalf. They are spiritual brokers. They act like God’s receptionists.

Your ignorance is your enemy. You don’t punish Bibles and authors by being ignorant. You punish yourself.

2. Sycophancy: They focus on raising sycophants and fanatics. Jesus sent us to raise disciples and not fans.! Fans can do any stupid thing in defense of their superstar.
Followers of false prophets can say anything to defend them. They can sin to defend them. To them, sinning for the man of God is a ministry

3. Competition: Everyone tries to come with the latest style and design. They fulfill the great competition command. In the kingdom, we complement each other. ” I planted, Apollos watered and God caused it to grow”

4. Witchcraft; the art of mind control, magic, manipulation, intimidation and so forth! They know how to threaten and instill fear! Keeping people loyal to you by instilling fear is a sign of witchcraft. Love is the key.

5. Power and miracle hungry people: People are dying to see manifestation without process. Power without Purity, Glory without grace.
When all you seek is miracles without a relationship with God, then be sure a false prophet is shopping for you.

6. Deception: They pump knowledge in the wrong things. Knowing the wrong things is a trap

7. Personality cult: People worshiping their prophet
The assumption that he is the only one and no other like him or her.
Making people glorify them day and night


1. Of pastors who pursue your tithe more than your soul. They don’t notice when you miss prayers but notice when you miss tithing

2. Of churches that don’t preach the word but focus on what someone “dreamt, saw, heard etc”. Any revelation conflicting the word of God is from hell.

3. Of pastors that cast out demons from the same people throughout. That’s gimmickry.

4. Of pastors without a reference. No one reports to heaven directly. Be accountable to someone who is accountable. That’s the kingdom protocol.

5. Of pastors who are immoral and advocate sin but still manifest supernatural powers!
Don’t be moved by miracles. You shall know them by their fruits.

God bless you all.

~Pastor Anthony Wambua, Emmanuel Evangelical Ministries International


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