Listen To The Father Who Begot You

Precious young preachers, respect the older generations. The Fathers and the elder brothers. You cannot seek relevance by correcting and humiliating those that went ahead of you. Spying on their mistakes does not make you more of a saint.
I hope this makes sense today.


The fact that you know something new that they don’t know does not make you superior to them.
Some of the things you know, is as a result of internet search, watching on YouTube and so forth. Remember some of these elders trusted God to reveal the word to them with no concordance, commentary, no google, no Bible apps. Only they and the Holy Spirit! We owe them honor.

They have faced your future already and are still going on. They have conquered some challenges you are yet to face.
Some of the cracks they have are as a result of the labor pain they went through to birth the freedom we enjoy today. The seasons we began at is the fruit of their toil. Honor them!
When you use the cracks and the scars to accuse them and build your cv, shame on You!!

Zeal and Charisma should not be mistaken for authenticity.
God help us that we may honor those He has honored and those that were once anointed we may not disgrace. Where are Davids that can handle the rejected and misbehaving Sauls with wisdom?

While single, never celebrate someone’s marriage going down. One day you will be married!
As an itinerant preacher, never castigate a Church that is being evicted or facing administrative challenges. Who knows, you may pastor one some time!
As a Pastor, never celebrate another one whose church has split. Remember the thief cometh. After that project, you could be next on the list.
As a soldier, never celebrate a fallen colleague. The sword that attacked Him to ground is still in the hands of the attacker. Help Him up. He may help you in your season of attack. He is more useful while up! None of us is better than all of us. We need one another.

Never mock someone who has lost a battle you have never fought. is not true life. I have met very powerful and senior men of God on social media until I met them physically. Don’t think you are great because strangers who have no clue about your character admire your photos and call you big names commentating you in King James version language and Amplified additions!
There are senior Prophets on Facebook and Mighty Apostles who in real life are yet to be called. Don’t be cheated by the likes, the shares and the following.
Position yourself to know what God is saying about you. Men may say much but get the authentic compliment from God.

Good day as we continue to win…

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