Marriage Or Wedding?

You all know that a wedding will last one day but marriage a lifetime.
Marriage is concerned with character and sustained by the same but wedding focuses on the beauty.

The tragedy of our generation is a people who are obsessed with how, where and when their wedding will be and forget that a wedding is merely a subscription to the main thing. The marriage!!

Know what you need in life. Put your priority right. You may need a man with side beards, and curly hair for your wedding but one with the helmet of salvation for your marriage.
Your wedding may need a guy with cute hands who can hold you sensually but your marriage needs someone holding the sword of the spirit and the shield of faith. Your wedding may be glamorous with a girl with the latest makeup but your marriage needs a woman who is in touch with the maker. Your wedding garden may be the best but have you thought about your marriage garden?

OK, I know the kind of bosom your want to see at your wedding… That you can lean on..but the best to lean on in marriage Is one with the breastplate of righteousness.
That’s why it is suicidal for a believer to marry a non-believer!!

Your look in your wedding should not beat your look in marriage. Your maximum smile should not be for the camera but for your spouse. It would be illegal for your mate to admire your wedding photo, your look during the wedding while you are still around. You should dwarf the image he/ she saw in the wedding.

Talk of the decorations. We err in investing big time in our weddings and forget to invest in marriage. Everyone getting into marriage should develop an allergy to dirt! When the service provider is gone and the flowers pulled down, your bedroom and body should look better than the tent where you exchanged vows.

My brother if you still “hate water ” like a flood survivor deal with it before you think of making someone’s daughter your wife.
Basic ethical practices can lead to the collapse of marriages. Pastors will agree with me that some men will leave their wives because of hygiene-related issues. Should I say that the decoration in your marital bedroom should be higher than that of your wedding? Make your spouse desire to take a photo in that marriage office!

Dear singles;
Stop investing in looking for the latest styles and fashion more than in issues that will affect life.

Spend all your time in the gym while your head is empty and you will know that the woman you marry is not looking for a bodyguard but a husband.

Waste all your time in learning how to remain a “girl”. As they say slaying. You will know that a man is looking for a woman. Learn to be a woman. Dress like a woman. Someone’s wife and not a modeling contestant.

Learn to cook my dear. How terrible it would be for your husband to remind you about the wedding rice. Make the people who do services in your wedding look like students.

I wind up by saying, most of our singles are busy and very busy preparing for their wedding and forget that that’s the table of contents. Marriage is the main thing.
Major on the major and minor on the Minor.


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