Sexual Immorality And The Anointed Men Of God

The demon and power behind sexual immorality does not respect your title and position in the Body of Christ.It does not respect your destiny and star.
It haunted David when he was in the statehouse. After the anointing was on his head.After his star was now manifesting. After his story was of a giant killer.It never came when he was running away from Saul.Be careful when you see Bathsheba’s wife bathing. Bounce your eyes back as soon as possible. The devil knows how to calculate and do his timing. The wife of Uriah never showed up when David was in the forest tending to sheep.The fall wouldn’t have been great.
Joseph never met a fellow prisoner or laborers trying to woo him.despite the prophecy over his head, he had to face an aggressive woman in the name of Potiphar’s wife.The solution was to flee.
Pride has made many discuss with Potiphar’s wife in the name of counseling. She does not need counseling. She needs to watch you flee.She may take you to prison but no big deal.You will rule her later.In fact, if she gets you out of prison she will rule you forever but if she takes you to prison you will rule her later.

Abraham, if you sleep with Hagar you can’t give birth to an Isaac.Your faith cant alter God’s will.Your faith is not to change the womb if Hagar to accommodate Isaac.It can only carry Ishmael.Man of faith if you sleep with Hagar You will produce Ishmael.
Can I wind up by saying no matter how anointed you are, You are not exempted from fleeing.
the thing called sexual immorality reduces a Champion like Samson into an entertainer.It makes a nothing out of a general.
One of the biggest mistakes of men of God in regard to this subject is when they overestimate their strength and underestimate their enemy.Delilah may not have the strength of an army to carry a gun but she has the cunningness to make a champion drop His gun.Shave his hair and become a prisoner.You can sleep on Delilah’s laps and wake up speaking in tongues but with a reduced life.The house of an adulterer or immoral person is to be avoided. Not to be sanctified. You don’t walk there chanting “I know who I am” or “greater is in me”. Before you say Amen the sweetness if speech and smoothness of the lips will make you suspend your relationship with God and before you know it You will be reciting psalms 51 repeatedly… God have mercy..
Anointing is not vaccination or an impunity. Anointing does not make you your own legislator. You still submit to God’s law…..
You must be disciplined
God bless you all

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Pius Kieti
February 23, 2018 9:32 pm

Thank you Pastor for the advice.

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