The Bait of Sexual Immorality-Marriage vs Wedding Preparation

With the Wedding shows and such like programs, a lot of pressure has been people on people to do the “wedding of the year”.
My dear , before going to the wedding of the year, first become the person of the year.

Wrong people doing a great wedding makes a wrong marriage. Right people doing a simple wedding makes a great family.I have watched many people preparing for the wedding day , invest a lot of money, acquire the best of makeup and clothes for the day but do nothing about their marriage.
Do you know that a wedding lasts for hours whilst marriage lasts a lifetime? After the musicians leave, parents go, the dances are over, and so forth. The two of you will remain and that’s when you begin dealing with the personality.

# if you are spending more time on your mirror than u spend with your Bible, you are getting ready for your wedding.The Bible is the best mirror.
#If you spent more money on makeup than on developing your inner man through materials like books…I wish you a glorious wedding.
# If all you have for the description of the person you want to marry is physical; body shape, height, color, etc then your wedding would be great. The outer appearance is not a reflection of the real person. You can get a wonderful six-packed man who is so spiritually malnourished that he can’t handle the lowest of demons .gyms don’t make men the build muscles. Saloons don’t make women.They make their hair.
# If all you do is to prophetically fit gowns and suits and u never fit yourself into scriptures to tune your character then you are getting ready for a wedding
# if your prayer and wish is to meet the right person only, you just long for a wedding. Pray that you also become the right person.

Please observe that a great wedding does not mean a great marriage. We have witnessed famous weddings that ended in divorce , violence, and regrets.
The participants are more important the activities. Weddings don’t change people. You can take a pig to a party but that does not make it a goat. It remains a pig.
As much as I believe in beauty,I also have the conviction that marrying someone because of their beauty and handsome look is like buying a house because of its paint.
Paint does not mean value.that’s just a decoration.It is meant for impression and reputation. And especially with the modern technology, you can easily be the new testament Jacob when you meet your spouse without makeup in the morning. God forbid!!!

I would love to say beauty is good and equally deceptive. Absalom is described as the most handsome man in Israel at his time .He ended up having sex publicly with his Father’s ten concubines.what an ugly character of the most handsome guy.
That is why you must have spiritual eyes and see beyond the makeup.see beyond the person lying there before saying I do. See beyond his/wallet or bank statement. Don’t marry him because he is a CEO. See the CEO inside the Shell called body.
Many Christians have ended up marrying non-believers because of the inability to see beyond what common eyes can see.
Many have married Jezebels. It’s terrible.

I read a scripture in Genesis 26:34-35..the two Hittite women that Esau married were a source of grief to Isaac and Rebecca. (They were thorns to them-MSG)
Esau discovered later the problem of the Canaanite women.It was too late.
Ahab’s problem was the woman he married.

I make a prophetic decree over your life. You shall not be married to a grief source. You shall not marry and bring grief to yourself and your family.
And any troubled marriage receive grace and restoration in Jesus name.
Receive the mind of Christ.
God bless you..
Sharon and I love you all


Pamela Kendi
February 15, 2018 2:32 pm

Great piece, much inspired
God bless you

February 23, 2018 4:51 pm

Wow,what a blessing,

maxwell peter
February 25, 2018 1:13 pm

Ooh I love this, am maxwell I accept I have been sexual immoral all along but would like to see God working winders in me and that I will be a channel of restoration to the church and thethe community. I agree with all that you have said

Esther Ndunge
March 4, 2018 12:02 pm

I’m inspired and have learnt a lot too

April 11, 2020 9:29 pm

Great allow me to share this

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